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AVIEUR remains at it was and will be expanded in future

The turn of the year also brought a change of ownership of the European Aviation Showroom AVIEUR. Since January 2020 AVIEUR is part of the LIFT Holding GmbH. From now on René Pilz, in his function as Venue Manager, takes care of the showroom's needs and will be responsible for customer service. In the future there will be various events. Currently, three dates for FlyIns have been confirmed (25.4., 22.8. and 10.10.2020), and a monthly pilots' get-together with guest lectures is in preparation.
The new owners retain to the original concept of presenting aviation manufacturers and brands at one place in Europe. In addition, a meeting place for all aviation interested ones will be further expanded. 
The showroom is a part of a hall which has been taken over as well. It will be used under the name FLUGRAUM4 as a location for major events, also beyond the aviation industry. The showroom remains unaffected and can be visited by interested ones and customers at any time.

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